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My business and marketing expertise is vast! Schedule your consulting meeting with me today & you will learn how we can
work together to reach your small business's fullest potential!

Organizational Operational System Development, Business Process Assesment, Business Policies Development. 

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Strategic Management Sweep

Do you have a startup business or an existing business shooting for success?
or Does your business lack a strategy?
If you said "yes" to any of these question this service is for you!
This services consist of 
  • Mission & Vision Assessment (and development or revision if needed)
  • 2 strategic management business assessments,
  • business goals and objective development,
  • prioritization and  implementation based upon your allocated resources

What is Strategic Management?

Strategic management is the management of an organization’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives. Strategic management involves setting objectives, analyzing the competitive environment, analyzing the internal organization, evaluating strategies and ensuring that management rolls out the strategies across the organization. At its heart, strategic management involves identifying how the organization stacks up compared to its competitors and recognizing opportunities and threats facing an organization, whether they come from within the organization or from competitors.



Competitive Business Check

Not sure how to determine if your business is truly competing?
Sometime small businesses have a tendancy to operate as if they are the only option in the market. No matter how what busniess industry you operate in, you have competiton! Your competition is competitng for profits, and market share. 
Let me help you busiess take back it's market share and increase your business profits!
This services consist of 
  • 1 Critical Competitive Business Assessment 
  • 2 types of competitive business reviews,
  • competitive aptitude development,
  • Implementation

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