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  • Who do I contact if I have any question once we begin?
    Once you have signed up for our social media management services, you will immediately be assigned an Social Media Account Manager. This will be you go to person for all of your social media needs.
  • What is an Social Media Account Manager?
    A social media account manager is the Renewed representative that is directly dedicated and in charge of ensuring your social media success. The social media account manager is in charge of completing all of the tasks required for your social media account (as requested through your social media plan).
  • How is will content be created for my social media page?
    We believe that content is king and it will always be a very important aspect of social media marketing. What is said, and when it is said plays a big role in social media success. Content for you social media page will be specially crafted to; (1) keep you relevant with your target market and (2) to cultivate and retain your social media goals. Last but not least, your content will be crafted to inform, entertain and educate your followers.
  • Does my business need a social media marketing plan before purchasing a management plan?
    We recommend that all clients looking to purchase a social media management plan have a social media marketing plan first. Social media marketing plans draw out a clear game plan that your account manager can work from. A social media marketing plans helps to ensure that you will get the biggest bang for your buck when purchasing a social media management plan.
  • What is an Ad Spend Budget?
    In the Social Media Management Plan chart we give a recommended Ad Spend Budget for each plan. “Ad Spend” is just another way for saying the cost of running the ad. The Ad Spend Budget is the monthly budget that you are willing to spend on social media Ads. Your Ad Spend Budget is an additional cost that is solely purposed towards the cost of social media advertisement. The Ad Spend Budget is not apart of the overall monthly social media management fee, but the cost of managing these ads is factored into your the monthly plan fee.
  • Do I need to have an ad spend budget if I purchase a Social Media Management Plan?
    Having a decent ad spend budget only helps to further the overall progress and sucess of your social media page, but it is not a requirement.
  • Can the social media management plans be custom tailord for my business needs?
    Yes, our Social Media Management Plans are flexible and can be cusomized for you business needs. If you desire to customize your Social Media Management Plan please contact a Renewed Marketing Solutions representative to get further information.
  • Will I give the opportunity to make revision month to month?
    A few weeks in adavance to the 1st of the new month, you will be given a chance to review all of your posts for the next month. If any revisions are needed, they will be made at that time. After that period of revision time, if an other revisions are needed there will be an extra expense.
  • Is it possbible for me to pick and choose which feature I want to use from a plan?
    Yes and no. Yes, you can choose not to utilize a certain feature from a plan, but (no because) this will not lower the price of that plan per month.
  • What if I decide I no longer need the social media management services?
    No problem! The social media management services are non contractual, meaning you can cancel your service for the next month at any time. Once you enroll into the program and content has been developed for your company, you will be required to pay for that month, but will be opted out of our plan for each month following.
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